It so amazing to be able to make simple affordable jewellery that is loved by so many of you over the years, and so many share your photos with me on Instagram, etsy or in person.... which brings me back to our ethos LOVE WHAT YOU WEAR!  

You can find a gallery of images of some of our fans, as well as some of the wedding bands and other commisions that have been made over the years.  If you have something that you would like to commision, or even repair, then please get in touch here.

Bridal gallery

Here are a few rings that have been made including shaped rings.  If you have been lucky enough to have received a lovely big sapphire which wont sit flush on a classic wedding band, then we are happy to make something bespoke to fit.

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    Customer pics

    We love receiving your photos of you wearing your jewellery.  Want to be featured?


    In the warmer months, and when I am not too busy, one to one wedding band workshops  or beginner silver workshops are available on request.

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