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  1. Ok, after the a few days of eating, drinking and catching up on some rest, it is now time to look forward to the year ahead.  Before I do so, I would like to recap on some fantastic highlights of 2015.  First of all, the wedding rings comissioned, and bridal party gifts requested were amazing.  It was so lovely to know my jewellery has been a part of some special moments.

    Then came the Kirstie Allsop Handmade Fair in Hampton Court, where I returned after a previously successful event in 2014.  It was lovely to see so many of my previous customers coming to say hello, purchase, and just generally letting me know that their money was well spent :)  It does make me happy to know that all those late nights were not in vain...

    It was also a year of branching out to new venues such as the Duck Pond Market in Richmond, which is a fantastic ethical market which I love being a part of.  I must also mention the amazing West Norwood Feast.... thank you, thank you, thank you.  The support from the organisers and my faithful customers is truly amazing, and I thank you again as I embark on a new chapter of all things Crystal & Stone.

    So, 2016 is here and it is now time to stop just chasing the dream, but make it the reality.... more on that later in the year!  You will find me personally at the new London Artisan Market in Brick Lane from February (check events page for details), but also online with a new collection in the early spring.  It has been a pleasure making all the lovely jewellery for you, but my hands are going to continue their well earned break for another 4 days!  

    Happy new year!